Become A Supplier


At Torque Distribution Europe we are always looking for innovative and exciting brands to add to our current portfolio assisting the needs of our dealers. We strongly believe in building long term manufacturer-supplier partnerships of mutual benefit. Rather than adding any and every line we carry out market and dealer research to make sure it is a desired and required brand and that it also complements our current offerings. In addition we also take into consideration the below criteria:

  • Current distribution? Is the brand open to any and every company of any buying power level? Is the brand over distributed or being sold through the wrong avenues?
  • Products? Do the products offered tie in with our core company values mainly to supply reliable and high quality items?
  • Branding & Marketing? Is the manufacturer focused on building the brand and marketing the products via a number of methods to inform and instigate growth?
  • Aftersales & Warranty? Does the manufacturer offer technical support and stand behind its product in terms of genuine warranty claims?
  • New Account Generation? Does the manufacturer respect the supply chain and forward leads or just pursue them for themselves?
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